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Many animals in the Foundation were rescued from certain death. Eulalia Wojnicz has compassionately cared for  these unwanted and abandoned animals. For example, many horses at the foundation were considered by their original owners to be useless to them, and were intended to be sold to slaughterhouses for meat. Horses rescued by Eulalia now spend their lives working under saddle, and pulling carriages and sleds. Carefully trained horses are also used for hippotherapy. The Foundation organizes events for companies with bonfires, horseback rides, horse and sleigh rides as well as horse performances. We always aim to ensure the best possible living conditions for our pets.

You can help too!


For our pets we run the virtual adoption, whereby you may be carer of the selected pet. You love animals and their fate is not indifferent to you? You cannot hug an own pet, and want to take care of a creature? Become a Virtual Godfather! You can always visit your pet at the foundation, move out for a walk. Each supervisor has the opportunity to visit their pet at the Foundation. We will accept you with open hearts. We are committed to informing you about the status of your pet and sending the photos. We are aware that the decision of the virtual adoption depends not only on a great heart, but also opportunities. So anytime you can opt out of further installments - please just let us know about it.

The monthly costs for dogs and cats are partly covered by the horses. But because of the higher costs for keeping a pet veterinary care (often expensive), and the construction, renovation and maintenance of a stable, house and runs, multiple adoptions may be possible. Perhaps among those whose heart beat to the same creatures you will find friends...

We run a system of virtual adoption for our animals, through which you can become a guardian of a selected pet. Do you love animals and care about their fate? Do you have no pet of your own to hug, and want to take care of an animal? Become a virtual parent! You can visit your pet at the foundation and take it for a walk. We will always welcome you with open hearts! We are committed to keep you informed about the status of your pet and sending you regular photos. We are aware that the decision to virtually adopt and animal depends not only on a great heart, but also personal circumstances. Because of this, it is possible to opt out of further monthly adoption payments at any time – if you need to do so, just let us know!

The monthly upkeep costs for dogs and cats are partly subsidized by the amount we suggest for adopting our horses. Due to the higher costs of equine veterinary care, which is often expensive, and the costs of the construction, renovation and maintenance of stables, houses and runs, multiple adoptions are possible. We hope that you will find friends amongst our animals…..


Monthly costs of adoption in the case of

a cat - 30 zł,

a dog 40 zł,

a pony - 60 zł,

a horse - 70 zł.

With your consent, next to pictures of your chosen pet, we will post the information about your virtual adoption including: your name / nickname, the name of your company and your company logo.

Payments from foreign countries:

PKOPPLPW  PL  93124016171111000013708919



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