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How you can help

How you can help - - volunteer

If you love animals, have some free time and a big heart – BECOME A VOLUNTEER!

There is a story of a little boy on a beach after a storm. He was throwing fish who had been washed up on the beach by the storm waves back into the water. At one point a man approached him. “What are you doing?”, the man asked. “There are many kilometers of beaches and many thousands of fish will die. What does it matter if you throw a couple of them back into the water?” The boy thought a moment, and said: “It is important for this one, which will be saved” He then bent down for the next fish….

If you feel you need to do something to help animals, why not help here? Volunteering is for people with broad minds who are not discouraged by the fact that they cannot save the world and who can complete a task to the best of their abilities. It is not true that taking one dog for a walk is insignificant! By doing this simple thing you can give a dog joy and make his life better. Perhaps he will also forget that there were people, callous and cruel, who made his life sad….

We welcome all volunteers aged over 16. For volunteers under 16, parental written consent is needed. Prospective volunteers should contact us at: fundacja@eulalia.pl


How you can help - - Continued Assistance

We have received dog and cat food, blankets and cleaning products from companies who assist us.  We are open to outside assistance. If you contact us and present your idea we will be happy to meet with you and discuss details. Companies that decide to assist our Foundation in an ongoing nature will receive:

(i)                  A news item on www.eulalia.pl listing the assistance the company has granted, as well as a link to the company in question

(ii)                Permission to use the “Animals Eulalia“ logo in their activities (such as their website, advertising materials and products)

(iii)               Information about this assistance will be disseminated to the media

(iv)              The sponsor will join the group ‘Friends of the Foundation “Animals Eulalia“, and will have their logo placed on the front page of the Foundation’s website under the ‘Friends‘ section and their banner in the ‘Supporters‘ section


If you have any questions, please contact Foundation for "Animals Eulalia" tel: 48 669 323 777 e- mail: fundacja@eulalia.pl


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