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For the big winter we still have some time but we get a lot of questions from you about the opportunity to spend this time in our foundation. So we invite... [więcej...]

Last wednesday dr. Marta Warzecha from warsaw visited our foundation. She researched precisely the eyes of our two blind animals and gave us some good... [więcej...]

Winter has come, and so have some worries. Unfortunately the condition of our today's stable isn't that well. It was built as a help for our horses and... [więcej...]

April the 5th our foundation was honoured to have the members of the Albatros foundation as a guest.

After months of a long rehablitation we may... [więcej...]

The time flys by, and even though we don't necessarily see that in everyday rush, we clearly see how it affects our pets. We wish that all of them remain... [więcej...]

People, who have knowledge about farming may confirm that after long years of using a pastureland, the horses's pasture comes to an ending. What should we... [więcej...]

The last day of mowering our lawn ended today. Fortunately, the weather allowed us to mow the cereal in the ideal age of discretion. This year we had oat... [więcej...]

Even though it hasn't been a long time ago since our campers left the foundation, we already miss their happiness full of positive energy. The animals are... [więcej...]

Wonderful weather, high temperature, bracing jumps into the lakes... This is why we love summer, however not everything in this period is so amiable as it... [więcej...]

We have just a few free places for our  "Star ride on the horse" Date: 2014,09,08 - 2014,09,14 and 2014,09,15 - 2014,09,22 This years there is a... [więcej...]

You can find us now in english on facebook too! 
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Foundation-Eulalias-Animals/513243498806132?sk=timeline [więcej...]

The Foundation ‘Eulalia’s Animals’ is located in a beautifully situated Duli Duli district. It is a great place to organize team building and themed... [więcej...]

We offer riding lessons on the lunge, along with cleaning and saddling the horse. If you already feel comfortable in the saddle we take you on a ride... [więcej...]

We offer a multi-hour rally ride with a picnic to finish. The... [więcej...]

Come and ride with beautiful carts and carriages. We have scenic hiking trails through the Piska….

You can also celebrate your wedding with us!... [więcej...]


Small Lopez arrived from Kadzidlowo in 2000. Due to a congenital problem with his hooves and his small stature his owner wanted to sell him fro slaughter.... [więcej...]

Bobinka is a Vietnamese pig born in 2001 in Mragowo. Her parents are Riki and Briki, who arrived at the Foundation in 2000. Rikis and Briki’s owner... [więcej...]

Less than two months old, sick and hungry … Lalus came to us in this state in the Summer of 2010. He was found in the rubbish in Mragowo. He is... [więcej...]

Many animals in the Foundation were rescued from certain death. Eulalia Wojnicz has compassionately cared for  these unwanted and abandoned animals. For... [więcej...]