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The Foundation ‘Eulalia’s Animals’ is located in a beautifully situated Duli Duli district. It is a great place to organize team building and themed events and large group activities. The area is inhibited by over a hundred different animals.

Beautiful, colourful cars … playing with animals, music, food … these are the main attractions in the four hours of interactive, open-air meetings with animals we offer. We offer a unique opportunity to see wonderful animals and participate in competitions and games which put you in a great mood. We encourage guests to actively participate in the performances of our four-legged charges, which makes the events all the more unforgettable. Events take place in the Foundation and also in any place of your choosing.

Traditional Polish Wedding

Why not celebrate a traditional Polish wedding with us? Take in the brightly decorated wagon that will transport the happy couple through the magical pine forest nearby, drawn by a Masurian horse of your choice. The wedding will be followed by a celebration in the wedding house, where the happy couple and their guests celebrate with live music, good food and good spirits.

Knightly feast
Guests dressed in knightly costumes sitting at a table full of food… A great bonfire creates an unforgettable atmosphere, where you will eat and experience tournaments, games and competitions involving Eulalia’s animals. There is also an equestrian tournament and spectacular horse and rider shows. All this combined with great music will allow you to experience a taste of the Middle Ages, full of magic and mystery.

Celebrate your wedding with us.

For your wedding, we will offer you a stylish car for the happy couple to drive them on the day itself, as well as offering your guests the use of our beautiful cars as well. You can also rent the carriages and wagons we have for the wedding photographs. We warmly invite you to celebrate your wedding here together with our animals.

Are you interested? If so, contact fundacja@eulalia.pl for further details.


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