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The Foundation was established in Mrągowo by Eulalia Wojnicz on September 16th, 1998. The co-founders are Violetta and Andrzej Przybylowie from Warsaw. Since 2011 the foundation has been based in a new area, near a beautiful Masurian village: Babieta.

The Foundation proves that equestrian sport is possible with animals previoulsy condemed to slaughter. The

Foundation’s primary aim is to promote a harmonious coexistence of people and animals. The foundation not only provides homeless animals with shelter and cares for them on daily basis, but also arranges for many of them to be re-homed.

One of the predominant activities of the Foundation is fighting against horse exports for slaughter, as very often healthy animals, foals, or pregnant mares are sent to death.

The Foundation offers activities for the whole family and enthusiasts of  animals and nature. With the assistance of saved animals we run Hippotherapy sessions for children suffering from paralysis. We also arrange events for children from nursing homes and orphanages. Here, both children and adults experience unforgettable hours enjoying horseback and horse-wagon rides.

To provide for over one hundered animals, the Foundation depends on income from animal-assisted activities and looks forward to your visits in our new home near Babieta. We arrange horseback, wagon and sledge rides, bonfires as well as games and competitions for our visitors. We invite you warmly to visit us during the whole year! Of course, you can also stay with us for longer and make your holiday at the Foundation.




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